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As per the implementation of the Republic Act No. 1931 also known as "The Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act", it is said that Filipino Students will be under the privileged of a free tuition, free miscellaneous and other school fees, starting the School Year 2018-2019. Since, many of you have been wondering how to avail this great opportunity and how to get your form. Here's how!

STEP 1: Convert your old student number into the new one.

STEP 2: Go to our EVSU-OCC website at Then, select the "Free Education" tab.

STEP 3: Register

  • Use your New Student Number.

  • Use you Birth date as your password.

STEP 4: Student Confirmation.

  • Re-enter your New Student ID, followed by your Date of Birth.

  • Then, you will be directed to the Student Registration Page.

You'll be directed here at the Student Registration Page (Credentials)

  • Use an Active Email, you will need to confirm your registration later on.

  • Press Next, to proceed filling-up your personal information.

Here is the filling up of your (Personal Information)

STEP 5: Read the Terms of Agreement and click Confirm.

It is quiet a lengthy read but it's important, so remember not to skip it. Once, you've clicked confirmed an email of confirmation will be sent to your email. Just follow the 3-steps of procedure:

STEP 6: Log-in. After you have confirmed your registration via email. You can now go back to EVSU's Website Once again click the "Free Education" tab and log-in using your new student number and birth date password. Follow accordingly!


STEP 7: Lastly, Download the Form.


  • Print (4) copies, in a short bond paper.

  • Present it to the beautiful Ms. Mutya Collander from EVSU- Ormoc Guidance Office, to be enlisted for the coming orientation program.

That's about it, I hope you find this blog helpful in obtaining your free education form. In return, please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my blog, here in this link:

And who knows? You may have the chance to win a free travel experience on my next adventure!

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